The way students learn is always changing. We help private, parochial, and independent schools adapt to those changes so that their student bodies continue to grow and thrive.

There’s no greater reward than ensuring today’s students have access to the best education possible. As builders, this means working with private, independent, and parochial schools to build campuses and facilities that meet their present programmatic needs and future institutional goals. Drawing from our experience in church and church school construction, we create academic spaces that inspire learners, unite communities, and help further your mission.

A Framework for School Construction Success

Using the meticulous yet adaptable approach outlined in our Catalyst Framework, we’re able to understand your educational institution’s unique challenges and deliver on your vision – whether we’re constructing a new school building or undertaking a multi-phased school renovation while class is in session.

  • DISCOVER your school’s unique vision and project goals
  • DETERMINE all of your organization’s needs and any potential internal or external challenges that may arise
  • DEVELOP a prioritized time-bound plan and multi-disciplinary team to make your vision happen
  • DELIVER on our promises in the most efficient, least disruptive way possible


Contact Catalyst Construction to start your private, independent, or parochial school project.

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