Catalyst Construction built HOPE Fortis which was a new 15,280 square foot 2-story school situated on 1.4 acres. The project included minority participation.

The goal of HOPE Christian Schools is to find distressed properties in underprivileged communities and work with partners like Catalyst to renovate those properties into Christian preparatory school campuses as a boon to the communities they serve. As a leader in Christian education, HOPE plans its campus projects for location in some of the most challenging areas in the city of Milwaukee and, more recently, in other areas across the country. These projects are often the catalyst to bond neighborhoods and communities and the organization’s work with Catalyst Construction involves responsible planning, minority participation in construction, and utilization of building systems that are easily maintained

Project Highlights

  • Catalyst Construction has been the building partner for HOPE Christian Schools for more than 10 years and completed several new building and expansion/renovation projects for the organization.
  • Catalyst has provided support for other HOPE projects beyond Wisconsin, including projects in Arizona and Missouri.
  • The HOPE Fortis series of projects range in total cost from approximately $20K to $1.3M.

Project Details

HOPE Christian Schools

Milwaukee, WI


Korb Tredo Architects

June 2009


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