3 Great Ways To Get Your Congregation Engaged With Your Next Church Construction Project

In Chapter 12 of the first letter from Paul to the Corinthians, the Holy Spirit of God speaks through his prophet about the myriad spiritual gifts that He has given His people in order for them to perform tasks and produce fruit that please and glorify Him and which edifies His Church and His coming Kingdom. The quintessence of this chapter is God’s desire for His people to amalgamate these varied gifts, talents, and abilities that He has given to us in collaboration with each other toward the production of great things. For your congregation, your next church construction project [...]

4 Tips For Creating The Perfect Floorplan For Your Commercial Space

The work that goes into designing and constructing a commercial building involves a litany of complex and multifaceted plans, processes, and protocols carried out in carefully managed synchronicity to produce a practical and, hopefully, an aesthetically pleasing structure. One of the plans that stands out as among the most important in terms of life-after-construction is the floorplan that you use for the new commercial space you, your colleagues, your employees, and your customers will occupy for the foreseeable future. But how do you create the ideal floorplan for your space and your needs? You want to create a smart floorplan [...]

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3 Ways to Hire the Wrong Commercial Construction Firm

"In the construction sector, hiring the right company is easy, but hiring the wrong one is even easier..." Anonymous   So you and your staff have made the decision to build a new facility for your organization or to renovate or add onto your existing one. That in itself is a significant accomplishment and is a decision that, once made, marks the commencement of several months (and possibly years, depending on the scale and scope of your project) of concerns that will need to be addressed and questions that will need to be answered. The very first question that needs to [...]

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Decisions, Decisions: Knowing Your Options For Your Mass Timber Construction Project

After some brief initial skepticism across the industry, mass timber framing is quickly becoming the new gold standard in building systems technology for the commercial construction sector throughout North America. Reasons for this are many and varied but some of the most advantageous features for mass timber’s ever-increasing popularity including improved construction speed, labor and noise reduction, and of course, sustainability. Mass timber projects have seen a roughly 25% reduction in superstructure completion time as compared with concrete, steel, or light wood framing systems. Such a substantial improvement in the overall project completion time is almost invariably accompanied by a [...]

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3 Techniques Construction Companies Can Use To Make Buildings More Energy Efficient

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, buildings consume 39% of all energy produced in the United States and 15% of the country’s total energy use can be attributed to heating and cooling the average home or office building during the winter and summer months. In an effort to reduce their impact on the environment, businesses and real estate developers are turning to green design principles that not only boost energy efficiency but also save money by reducing energy costs while simultaneously improving the comfort, productivity, and well-being of the employees and residents who occupy their buildings. The following are [...]

Part Three: Mission Control – Navigating Our Churches Through the Uncharted Waters of a Pandemic

This blog article is part 3 in a 3-part series examining the impact of covid on America’s churches In part two of this blog series we looked at how churches in general and church leadership in particular were dealing with the pandemic from two specific standpoints – community engagement and generosity. The insights we found painted a pleasantly surprising picture of the ministerial landscape in our nation that portrayed a Church that was far more optimistic about the future than most would expect. This third and final part in the series continues in that same vein as we shed additional [...]

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