3 Great Ways To Get Your Congregation Engaged With Your Next Church Construction Project

In Chapter 12 of the first letter from Paul to the Corinthians, the Holy Spirit of God speaks through his prophet about the myriad spiritual gifts that He has given His people in order for them to perform tasks and produce fruit that please and glorify Him and which edifies His Church and His coming Kingdom. The quintessence of this chapter is God’s desire for His people to amalgamate these varied gifts, talents, and abilities that He has given to us in collaboration with each other toward the production of great things. For your congregation, your next church construction project [...]

Part Two: Mission Control – Navigating Our Churches Through the Uncharted Waters of a Pandemic

This blog article is part 2 in a 3-part series on the post-covid Church in America In the first blog article in this series, we introduced the issue of our churches in America in the grip of the covid pandemic and how church leaders have been managing their ministries thus far. During the last several months of 2021, the nation began to feel as though things were starting to ease up. State and federal restrictions were easing, the covid “numbers” were declining, the curve was flattening. And in our churches, people were, very gradually, beginning to make their way back [...]

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Part 1: Mission Control – Navigating Our Churches Through the Uncharted Waters of a Global Pandemic

This blog article is part 1 in a 3-part series on the post-Covid Church in America   For more than two years, the world has been ensconced in a global pandemic that has changed virtually every element of life, including our worship spaces. American churches have been as profoundly affected as any other by the COVID-19 crisis in ways that include but also go beyond financial considerations. The spirit of America’s churchgoers and church has been put through the consummate test of faith, and for the most part is still in the midst of that test. So what can churches [...]

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