In 2002, a group of adults gathered for a meeting and dreamt of planting a church in Lake Country.

The only issue was that there was no need for another church in the area. The group wanted to create a different type of church; a church for people who had given up on church but maybe have not given up on God yet. They had a dream of creating a place where everyone felt welcomed. This dream became Hope Church. For the last nine years, Hope has held its services at Silver Lake Intermediate in Oconomowoc.

And after almost two decades of being portable, Hope Church has a building and a home! Catalyst Construction recently completed Hope Church’s new, 26,000sf building with a Worship Center, classrooms, gathering area and offices. The facility includes a 700-seat auditorium and a wing devoted to kids. Additional spaces throughout the building were created for small group gatherings, online church engagement, middle, and high school student activities. Work also included parking and site work.

Project Details

Summit, WI


GROTH Design Group

August 2021


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