Catalyst Construction is currently in progress on a 30,000 square foot addition which will include a new worship, gathering, and office space. The project will also include expanded parking and renovations to the existing building.

At the time that Catalyst was brought onto the project, Lakeland Community Church was (and still is) rapidly growing ministry that had purchased a building and done some renovation and addition work with another contractor that unfortunately didn’t work out well. Catalyst engaged and helped them manage a substantial budget. Church leadership had an ambitious vision for adding 30,000 square feet onto their church building and parking space. They had understandably become somewhat distrusting of builders based on their previous experience so it took a bit of time and consistency in delivering solid results early on in the relationship in order for Catalyst to establish trust as a builder and a partner.

Catalyst essentially started from scratch in terms of assisting in project design and how best to fulfill the church’s vision and have been able to manage and maintain the budget thus far throughout the course of the project. The design was adapted to ensure the ministry will be getting the best possible value along with a quality of work that is going above expectations. Additionally, Lakeland has several members who are contractors and who have offered discounted services as a means

Project Highlights

  • Lakeland Community Church’s rapidly growing ministry necessitated 30,000 feet of additional building and parking lot space.
  • A falling out with their previous builder led them to engage Catalyst on the project, which required essentially starting over from scratch at the design phase.
  • Several Lakeland members are contractors who have offered discounted services on various aspects of construction which has resulted in significant cost savings to the ministry.

Project Details

Lakeland Community Church

Lake Geneva, WI


Groth Design Group

Coming Soon


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