Catalyst Construction renovated an existing commercial building into worship space, child care area, and church offices.

Catalyst was awarded the Ridge Community Church project based on the results of an expansive interview process in combination with Catalyst’s industry reputation. The Ridge was initially planned as a ground-up project at a site in Greenfield, Wisconsin that Ridge was about to come under contract to purchase. However, after due diligence during the land survey, it was determined that the soil was not ideal for building. Catalyst advised Ridge leadership against building at the site as they felt it “wouldn’t be the best use of your money” and that there were better solutions that offered stronger value.

The Catalyst team suggested an existing building nearby that was about to become available and which would be an ideal fit for the needs of the Ridge community. The adjustment ended up saving Ridge nearly half of their original budget. Additionally, the finished building renovation allowed for extra space which Ridge has been able to rent out to other area ministries and businesses for additional revenue for the church. Summarily, Ridge Community Church ended up with a larger building, substantial cost savings, and additional revenue streams, all of which would have been impossible if the Catalyst team had not identified and taken advantage of the opportunity to serve the client’s best interests.

Project Highlights

  • Ridge Community Church planned a ground-up new building project for its ministry.
  • Catalyst suggested renovating an existing space instead of a more expensive project on a questionable plot of land.
  • The Catalyst/Ridge partnership yielded substantial cost savings, a larger building, and additional revenue streams for the church.

Project Details

The Ridge Community Church

Greenfield, WI


Church Solutions Group

May 2013


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