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4 Tips For Creating The Perfect Floorplan For Your Commercial Space

The work that goes into designing and constructing a commercial building involves a litany of complex and multifaceted plans, processes, and protocols carried out in carefully managed synchronicity to produce a practical and, hopefully, an aesthetically pleasing structure. One of the plans that stands out as among the most important in terms of life-after-construction is the floorplan that you use for the new commercial space you, your colleagues, your employees, and your customers will occupy for the foreseeable future. But how do you create the ideal floorplan for your space and your needs? You want to create a smart floorplan [...]

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3 Ways to Hire the Wrong Commercial Construction Firm

"In the construction sector, hiring the right company is easy, but hiring the wrong one is even easier..." Anonymous   So you and your staff have made the decision to build a new facility for your organization or to renovate or add onto your existing one. That in itself is a significant accomplishment and is a decision that, once made, marks the commencement of several months (and possibly years, depending on the scale and scope of your project) of concerns that will need to be addressed and questions that will need to be answered. The very first question that needs to [...]

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