Project Description

The Ridge Community Church

Catalyst Construction renovated an existing commercial building into worship space, child care area, and church offices.


Greenfield, WI


Church Solutions Group

Completion Date

May 2013

The Need

Faced with a growing congregation and overcrowded facilities, the Ridge Community Church decided it was time to embark on a new build to accommodate their growing membership. The Ridge was committed to the future growth of their church and aimed to build a space that would be a place of prayer, support, and community for years to come. 

The Ridge’s main goal was to increase the outreach to their community, even to those not normally inclined to seek the church’s support. This needed to be reflected through more space, updated facilities/amenities, and a fresh atmosphere that was both inviting and fostered growth.

The Challenge

Finding the right location was fundamental to the entirety of the project.  It was imperative that the size and location of the church allowed growth, both in congregation members and in physical campus size. The initial land chosen for the new build posed an issue to the future scalability of the church and was both costly and unable to fulfill the visions of the building committee.

The Solution

Catalyst Construction joined the team as a tool to better manage the project and find more appropriate solutions for the problems the Ridge was having. Our team found a location at an unused Walmart building that better fit to their vision, cost less, and allowed for growth. This greatly reduced the costs of the entire build and stayed in line with what the Ridge was looking for.



The impacts of their new church started right as they opened its doors and their expansion didn’t end with its walls. In less than a year:

  • Avg. spring adult attendance increased from 475 attendees to 1,000+
  • Avg. fall adult attendance increased from 1,400 attendees to 1,4000+
  • Avg. child attendance increase from 215 attendees to 250+ 

The new facility served its purpose as a means to connect and facilitate a growing congregation and enabled the outreach to those previously unenthusiastic to utilize The Ridge’s offerings. The overall growth indicated a need had been met, and positioned The Ridge to continue supporting its members and its community.

Following the church build, our relationship with The Ridge continues as their congregation continues to grow. Expanding their campus to provide their members with better facilities continues to be a goal of both The Ridge and Catalyst Construction. The mission to empower, grow, and uplift their community will never really end, but will continue to be facilitated at The Ridge Community Church.