Is your current church facility lacking the necessary space to grow? Are you running out of usable places of worship? Often, we see churches jump into the new building construction process without taking the time to think through their options.

Starting from scratch isn’t always the most effective solution, especially when an existing facility (in many cases, a vacant commercial space) could have been repurposed into something perfect for a growing church. Below, we’ll look at the reasons you—and your congregation at large—might want to evaluate the option of repurposing an existing building for your new gathering space.


Now’s the Time to Buy

While we begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no doubt it’s left its mark on our communities. Many big box stores and other high-visibility commercial properties are being vacated and sold off. This gives growing churches opportunities to find the perfect location and starting structure to meet their new building needs and transform a vacant property in their community.


Securing the appropriate funds for new church construction can be a challenge, from having to stick to stringent budgets to creating capital campaigns on behalf of the church. And when you’re looking at building from the ground up, you have to factor in site surveys, cost of land, materials, design, construction costs, and more. Repurposing an existing structure trims out many of those requirements and costs, allowing you to stick to a more reasonable budget.

Faster Turnaround

In general, when working with renovating an existing facility as compared to creating a new building from scratch, you’ll have a faster turnaround time. Building a church from the ground up can be a lengthy process, sometimes taking several years to complete. And when it comes to managing your ministry and its transition through this period, a quick turnaround can be extremely beneficial. While it’s not the only or top reason to consider a repurpose rather than new construction, it’s another factor to consider for your ministry and churchgoers.

Resale Value

Buying a vacant, existing property can be a strong investment for your church, especially if the market is in your favor or you can find a great property at a great price. Renovating that property is only going to provide more value, especially with things like advanced technology, open-air meeting areas, modular gathering spaces, and more.

Renovating an existing property or building a new one is a massive decision. At Catalyst, we understand this. We also understand that it can be an overwhelming and complicated process, even when you know which route you want to go. Our church construction and ministry solutions services can be that guidepost you need to help you make the right decisions for your congregation, stay on budget, and ultimately get you the new place of worship of your dreams. Contact our team today to get started.

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About the Author: Michael Klatt

With over 30 years of leadership experienice, Michael has led the development of large-scale projects ranging from skilled nursing, memory care, assisted living, independent living, supported housing, low income housing and technology enabled caregiving. Michael is a resourceful and proven fund raiser and innovative deal maker - having raised millions of dollars in charitable gifts and creating complex financial structures for many development and building projects.


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